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3/29/2015 10:08:53 PM
Agua Dolce Flyout and picnic

 A beautiful day to formation and fly out to Agua Dolce Airport (L70) and enjoy picnic and BBQ.

Leo Lee and Alice Yu
Leo Lee and Alice Yu
Jimbo and Steve Lam
Jimbo and Steve Lam
Jeffrey Ying
Jeffrey Ying
Formation over Pasadena
Formation over Pasadena
Robin's RV8 - Robin Hou and Christina
Robin's RV8 - Robin Hou and Christina

Nice RV at L70
Nice RV at L70

RV8 and nice P-40 paint job
RV8 and nice P-40 paint job

Picnic time
Picnic time

Robin and Christina
Robin and Christina
James and Alice
James and Alice
Jason and Grace family
Jason and Grace family
Jeffrey and James
Jeffrey and James
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