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Formation Demostration for Arcadia Little League Baseball Season Opening


My first professional formation demostration flight for AALL Season Opening. I flew the Black Nanchang CJ-6A as Tiger-2 as Tiger Squadron team decided to give me an opportunity to expirience the actual event.  It also serve the purpose as a practice for me since I am new to formation flying.  GIB was Tiger Squadron Lead Craig Ekberg.

We took off from El Monte airport on 10:45AM and flew over the AALL baseball field on 11:00AM. Big thanks to El Monte air traffic control tower helped us on coordinate the air traffic since the baseball field is 3 miles out of EMT and near the approach pattern.  The show went smoothly.  Tiger flies diamond formation for the first pass and a echelon formation on the second pass.



Torrance airport
Torrance airport
Over Santa Fe basine practice area for the join up.
Over Santa Fe basine practice area for the join up.

Heading west to the site.
Heading west to the site.
Tiger-4 Pete Fowler with smoke on
Tiger-4 Pete Fowler with smoke on

One-second break up.  You can see both Tiger-1 and Tiger-2
One-second break up. You can see both Tiger-1 and Tiger-2
Tiger-3 Hal Provo
Tiger-3 Hal Provo

On a turn, Santa Fe Dam bike route below
On a turn, Santa Fe Dam bike route below

Tiger-2, myself and instructor Craig Ekberg
Tiger-2, myself and instructor Craig Ekberg
Tiger-Lead Doug Zeissnar
Tiger-Lead Doug Zeissnar
Tiger-2 James Bu and instructor Craig Ekberg
Tiger-2 James Bu and instructor Craig Ekberg
Right Echelon approaching El Monte
Right Echelon approaching El Monte
Over head break out for landing
Over head break out for landing
60 degree bank breakout
60 degree bank breakout
Demostration team
Demostration team
Craig Ekberg, Pete Fowler, Hal Provo, James Bu and Doug Zeissner. Behind are Robin Hou and RV-6 pilot Robert
kids looking up
kids looking up
Diamond formation
Diamond formation
Number 2 is a bit suck
Number 2 is a bit suck
Kids like it.
Kids like it.
Looks OK now but from the angel number 4 looked a bit left, probably just the visual effect.
Looks OK now but from the angel number 4 looked a bit left, probably just the visual effect.
National Anthem singing
National Anthem singing
Echelon Formation
Echelon Formation
Throwing hats
Throwing hats
runup view from tower
runup view from tower
Tiger 2
Tiger 2
Tiger 2
Tiger 2
Tiger 1
Tiger 1
Tiger 1
Tiger 1
Tiger 1
Tiger 1
Tiger 4
Tiger 4
Prepare for TO
Prepare for TO
Tiger 2 rolling
Tiger 2 rolling
Tiger 3
Tiger 3
Break out
Break out
Break out
Break out
Tiger 2 rotate
Tiger 2 rotate
Tiger 3
Tiger 3
Tiger 1 gear up
Tiger 1 gear up
Tiger 2
Tiger 2
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