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Red Star Pilots Tiger Squadron Veterans Day Tribute Flight 2010-11-11

The performance video

3-ship Joining Formation

Breath taking!
Breath taking!
Do not do it at home! Professional drivers in open loop.
Nice view with strong Santa Ana wind
Nice view with strong Santa Ana wind
San Fernando Valley
San Fernando Valley
Hollywood Hills
Hollywood Hills
Ronald Reagan Library on the nose of 43
Ronald Reagan Library on the nose of 43
78 ad 43
78 ad 43
3 ships to Santa Paula
3 ships to Santa Paula
close up view of 43
close up view of 43
4-ship formation to the site
4-ship formation to the site
Very challenge because of turbulence air
Very challenge because of turbulence air
Tiger 2
Tiger 2
Tiger 1,2 and 3
Tiger 1,2 and 3
Tiger 1 and 3
Tiger 1 and 3
Ronald Ragan Library over Simi Valley
Ronald Ragan Library over Simi Valley
4 CJ-6A
4 CJ-6A
Tiger 3 CJ-6A 
Tiger 3 CJ-6A
Diamond Formation
Diamond Formation
Smoke on for Tiger 2 and Tiger 3
Smoke on for Tiger 2 and Tiger 3
Smoke on over the site
Smoke on over the site
Change back to Finger tip formation
Change back to Finger tip formation
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