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ROCAF Chieh-shou PL-1B Formation for 10-10 celebration in Southern California
Vertical fins in the morning sun
Vertical fins in the morning sun
Ready for the mission
Ready for the mission
Pilots board the aircraft
Pilots board the aircraft
Prepare for start
Prepare for start
9:45 AM in 10-10-10
9:45 AM in 10-10-10

Engine Started
Engine Started
Call sign is "Dragon Flight"
Call sign is "Dragon Flight"
Taxi from the ramp
Taxi from the ramp
Taxi out to RWY19
Taxi out to RWY19
Dragon Flight - 1 take off
Dragon Flight - 1 take off
Dragon Flight - 2 rolling
Dragon Flight - 2 rolling
Taxi way A
Taxi way A
Take off to the east - KEMT in the background
Take off to the east - KEMT in the background
Dragon Flight - 2 join in
Dragon Flight - 2 join in

Fly toward Pasadena
Fly toward Pasadena
Over Arcadia
Over Arcadia

Over Pasadena
Over Pasadena
Fly pass the ceremony at Barnes Park, Monterey Park, CA
Fly pass the ceremony at Barnes Park, Monterey Park, CA
People just finish flag raising on 10-10-10 10:10 AM
People just finish flag raising on 10-10-10 10:10 AM
Formation fly-by over at 800 feet
Formation fly-by over at 800 feet
Doingfly-by 3 times
Doingfly-by 3 times
Landing at KEMT, mission accomplished
Landing at KEMT, mission accomplished
2010 honor
2010 honor
From the ground 
From the ground
2010-10-10  - report 
2010-10-10 - report
Planes 3
Planes 3
Planes 4
Planes 4
The Planes
The Planes
Robin's Flying News 10-13-10
Robin's Flying News 10-13-10
Robin's Fying News 10-13-10 pg 2
Robin's Fying News 10-13-10 pg 2

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