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SAVING CAF-4 拯救空軍四號(第4台原型機)

CAF-4 (N111WG) is a Pazmany PL-1 and the number four aircraft off the Chinese Air Force production line. It was built after the prototypes and before the wider PL-1B production models. This aircraft was 51% assembled by Lt. Col. Robert (Rick) Loeffler and US registered as a homebuilt. The aircraft was damaged in a ground incident by a prospective buyer a few years ago.

Of the 58 PL-1B built by Chinese Air Force, there exists only one airworthy example: N3237N which is owned by CAPAOA member Mr. Leo Lee.  Needless to say, Chinese Air Force built Pazmany's are rare birds indeed.  CAPAOA has decided to restore/repair CAF-4 because its rarity and historical significance.


 Mr. Loeffler has generously donated CAF-4 to CAPAOA.  CAPAOA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and is accepting donation to cover the cost of CAF-4's restoration.  Please consider making donation in any amount by PayPal, or make your check payable to "CAPAOA, Inc." and mail to:

          CAPAOA, Inc., 140 S. Lake Avenue, Suite 365, Pasadena, CA 91101 

This web page is dedicated to the restoration of CAF-4.  Please visit us here often for update on CAF-4 restoration.


介壽號是中華民國在1968年購買美國Pazmany公司的 PL-1 飛機藍圖, 修改設計後製造為初級軍用教練機. 於1969年量產57架做為初級飛行員篩選之用.    此機於1968年底(民國57年)由蔣宋美齡女士命名為介壽號作為蔣中正總統生日獻禮.

Robert "Rick" Loeffler 羅福勒老先生是當年生產介壽號的美籍中校顧問. 事後他帶回量產前原型機的第四台到美國, 可惜幾年前讓人試飛時不慎損壞. 他已80好幾, 無法修復此一飛機. 他同意將飛機捐給本會, 他的願望是能讓這架由台灣來的飛機重新飛行. 我們美國華人飛行協會為此正式登記為非營利組織以利籌款. 目前運輸及取回飛機的款項都是由本會會員(原本從台灣和大陸來美的華僑)集資籌得. 我們目前還需要籌五萬美金左右的修理經費.  請踴躍參與這個有意義的活動. 您所捐的款項可享有美國聯邦政府退稅. 並可能享有其他廣告宣傳機會. 希望大家踴躍捐款贊助, 我們希望在民國100年能將她修復並飛翔於藍天. 

我們需要您的慷慨捐助,請使用以下PayPal Donate捐款按鈕, 您可使用信用卡或您的PayPal帳戶樂捐. 金額不分大小,  請填入的捐款金額(美元),  謝謝您的支持.

如您捐贈USD$35美元以上(約$1000NT), 我們會將您的大名(中文,3個字為限 0.75"x0.25")貼放在CAF-4空軍四號機身上,您的名字將和介壽號一同翱遊藍天.

只有前1000名的名額.   捐款時請把您的中文大名放在備註欄. 當介壽號修復完成時, 我們會把有您大名的照片email 給您.



專線:  +1 (626) 629-8623 

Pre-recovery Inspection 4/1/2018 NEW
Recovery CAF-4 from Mr. Loeffler at Gold Field Colorado 2011-06-11 8/19/2019 NEW
Phase I - Sheet Metal Repairs (Completed Aug. 10, 2011) 8/19/2019 NEW
Phase 2 - Engine Mount & Landing Gears (Completed) 8/19/2019 NEW
Phase 3 - Tip Tanks & Cowling Repairs (Pending Funding) 4/1/2018 NEW
Phase 4 - Joining Wing to Fuselage (Pending Funding) 4/1/2018 NEW
Phase 5 - Electrical System, Avionics & Fuel System (Pending Funding) 4/1/2018 NEW
Phase 6 - Engine Installation (Pending Funding) 8/19/2019 NEW
Phase 7 - Flight Testing (Pending Funding) 4/1/2018 NEW
Phase 8 - Painting (Pending Funding) 4/1/2018 NEW
2023-08-25 CAF-4 First fly 9/2/2023 NEW
PL-1 static
PL-1 static
Pl-1 crash
Pl-1 crash
President and madame Chiang
President and madame Chiang
Mr. Y.C. Hsia in CAF-5803 during an aviation summer camp in 1970s
Mr. Y.C. Hsia in CAF-5803 during an aviation summer camp in 1970s
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